Divergent, City of Bones, The Fault in Our Stars: Movie News!

If you are anything like me, you love when your favorite books get turned into movies. Granted, sometimes its a little bit of a letdown *cough* Angles & Demons *cough*. But, when you think about the Harry Potter franchise, your faith in the movie industry is restored. There hasn’t been a book-to-movie conversion since HP that I have been as invested in as these three due to come out within the next year or so.

As excited as I am about City of Bones’ release date quickly approaching, I am also trying really hard to pretend like I am not going to care if it doesn’t meet my expectations. Really, really hard. Just give it a chance, I keep telling myself, no one can recreate a world perfectly that you have engrained in your brain. Just don’t suck. Pretty please don’t suck.

In Divergent movie news, Entertainment Weekly just released the first shots of Tris and Four together! You can see more pictures here.


At first, I was a little worried about Shailene Woodley being cast as Tris because she has always seemed timid to me. Now the idea is growing on me. I love that she is kind of timid and plain looking as Tris, because that’s really who Tris is in the beginning. I think it will make her transformation throughout the book more evident, and if they do it right, then it is going to  be awesome.

Shailene seems to have a lot on her plate for the next couple years. She is set to play Mary Jane in the new Spiderman coming out 2014 as well as Hazel Grace in the movie rendition of John Green’s newest novel, The Fault in Our Stars. Talk about some big shoes to fill. Just three of the biggest female characters in current Young Adult culture- no big deal.

Side Note: is anyone else kind of weirded out that Ansel Elgort is cast to play Caleb Prior in Divergent as well as Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars? Might be an awkward transition from playing opposite Shailene as her brother in Divergent and then her boyfriend in The Fault in OuStars. Just sayin.


2 thoughts on “Divergent, City of Bones, The Fault in Our Stars: Movie News!

  1. I definitely thought the same thing about Ansel and Shailene being side-by-side for two movies and in two completely different relationships. It should be interesting to watch, most definitely. Apparently Shailene isn’t going to play Mary Jane in the second Spider-Man movie anymore; she got bumped until the third one. But I guess it’s all good considering she would have only had a smidgen in the second movie.


    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought it might be odd! I get that those kinds of things happen with actors eventually being in multiple film together, but for the films to be so close together with the same type of audience I think it will be interesting to say the least! Also, I didn’t know they had bumped her to the third Spiderman, that actually makes me feel better about how committed she can now be to the other two, but I’m biased 🙂


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