City of Bones German Trailer Release!


Earlier this week marked the release of yet another new railer for The Mortal Instruments City of Bones movie! It includes new footage from the movie, including some steamy-ness between Jace and Clary, Clary pulling out the Mortal Cup, and some sick werewolf action. With each release of new footage, I am growing more used to Jamie Cambell Bower as Jace. I was worried about the casting at first, but now I am so excited to see what he can bring to the table to such an interesting character. I absolutely can’t wait for the movie, due to hit theaters August 21st here in the states!

You can watch the trailer here, and the awesome ladies over at TMI Source have put up a translation for us as well!

Oh, and if you haven’t didn’t know, Hot Topic is going to be selling the merch for the movie, and have it up for preorder on their website. Well okay Hot Topic, just here. Take it. Take ALL OF MY MONEY.


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