50 Days Until TMI:COB Hits Theaters! Shadowhunter Update



That’s right. Only 50 days! If you have been keeping up with all of the updates recently then you are probably just as excited as I am right about now! If not, here is a rundown of everything you may have missed.

1. The recently released German Trailer is chock-full of new footage that we weren’t really prepared for. You can find info/translation/video and all of that in my last post. They also just released it in English, which you can watch here.

2. The soundtrack, or part of the soundtrack was released as well with some brand new songs written just for the soundtrack by some pretty big names like Demi Lovato and Colbie Calliet. You can find a full list of what has been released so far over on the TMI Source site.  Let’s still keep our fingers crossed that “Warrior” by Beth Crowley makes it’s way onto it!

3. There are like a bajillion contests going on right now! Michael’s is doing a sweepstakes to win a private screening with 200 friends in your hometown. Amazon is doing a giveaway as well, for a TMI boxed set and a $1500 gift card. Rue 21 is also jumping on the TMI bandwagon and giving away tickets to the LA premiere and a meet and greet with the cast. I just lost all of you didn’t I? You’ve clicked the links and now you are off lowering my chances of winning by entering all of these aren’t you? Should have thought that one through.

If your still here, I hope that you are getting as excited as I am. I love these books and am so excited to see them transferred up onto the big screen. I started a re-read of City of Bones and will have my favorite quotes posted up in the next couple days.

Get Excited!


*photo cred to enchantedfire.tumblr.com*


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