Feature and Follow Friday! #2


Happy Friday everyone! Feature and Follow Friday is hosted by both Alison Can Read and Parajunkee’s View. The point of the hop is to bring Book Bloggers/Reviewers together and provide an opportunity to gain new followers for your own blog as well as discovering new Book Bloggers to follow! You can find information about the meme here. Join in on the fun and meet fellow bookies!

Today’s Question: Favorite book with a war in it?

Well this one is a pretty hard one. Since I have my BA in history, I have read so many books that involve war. Actually, most of them involve war… arguably all of them really. If I had to pick a favorite though, it would be Jefferson’s War by Joseph Wheelan. It is about Jefferson’s policies and efforts against the Barbary Pirates in the Mediterranean from when he was in an ambassador in France up until his presidency in 1801. I wrote my undergrad thesis on the same topic, so I formed a serious bond with this book. Wheelan writes the events as more of a story, rather than a typical non-fiction that is just a recounting of events chock full of statistics. It was very refreshing to read, and Wheelan makes you forget that you are reading non-fiction at all. Plus, he doesn’t shy away from portraying Jefferson as he really was. A politician who tended to pout when people didn’t like his ideas or things didn’t go his way. Brilliant, but kind of a whiner. If you are interested in Jefferson, or the Barbary pirates, I would highly recommend this book. It doesn’t disappoint!


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