Feature and Follow Friday! #4


Happy Friday everyone! Today I discovered this great hop hosted by both Alison Can Read and Parajunkee’s View. The point of the hop is to bring Book Bloggers/Reviewers together and provide an opportunity to gain new followers for your own blog as well as discovering new Book Bloggers to follow! You can find information about the meme here. Join in on the fun and meet fellow bookies!


Today’s Topic: Book Vacay! Where is your favorite destination spot to read? (Where do you like to go to read other than your home?)

This is a touch one. I do 90% of my reading at home and I love it! The other 10% is spent mainly at work when all of my work is done and I am basically just there to answer phones. Which I happen to not love.

If I had to pick a spot that I love, and also love to read, I would have to go with it would be in the car. Weird, I know. None of my family lives in Utah anymore, and so we spend a lot of time in the car driving to various states to go see them. I love being able to read in an environment that is moving. It really works for action-packed books. Me and my husband also love to listen to audiobooks on long trips, which is fun!

Where is your favorite spot to read other than at home?

See you next Friday!


2 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Friday! #4

  1. I travel some, I feel like I should get into audiobooks for that but I haven’t yet. I think I’m bad at paying attention when people are talking to me, which is a huge social problem that I have. Oh, well. lol what are you gonna do? hehe happy friday!


    • You should really try them for long trips! Sometimes you get a narrator that’s super annoying, but most of the time its not an issue. And I figure if you have a hard time paying attention to people, they probably aren’t saying anything interesting anyway! I don’t really see that as a problem 🙂


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