Vote for Will!

Go vote for Will Herondale! Cassie said she will give us the cave scene in Clockwork Princess from Will’s POV if we can rally together and get him in first!

TMI Source

A few hours ago, we already asked you to vote for Will, but now Cassie has also asked her fans to vote for him and she has promised a very special treat if Will Herondale wins this year’s YA Crush Tournament:

Will is up against Dmitri for the grand finale of the Crush Tourney — and he’s falling behind! Well, vampires are tough competition, it’s true. But just picture his big blue eyes looking at you sadly. 🙂 if not that, picture reading the cave scene from Princess from his POV if he wins.


Yes, you read that right. The cave scene from Will’s point of view!

Right now Will is still behind, but since Cassie’s announcement Will has gained more than 10% and we can do this!

Please vote for Will or Team Cassie/Team Shadowhunter!


YA Crush Tourney Final Four: Will (1) vs. Jem (5)

PS. Cassandra Jean has promised a “sexy Will pinup…

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