Infernal Feelings

So, I have been thinking lately. About books and words and people and love. Specifically,  about what connects all of those things. I have been re-reading The Infernal Devices series and if you have read them, you know very well that all of these things play a huge part in this story. If you haven’t read them, well go do it and then come back in three days completely angry at me for suggesting them, and then wanting to give me an enormous hug for introducing you to something so incredibly beautiful. But don’t come back until you have read them though… seriously. I would hate to be the person who spoils it for you.

Can we just take a minute to talk about how powerful a story can be? You know when you read a something- a book, a quote, a blog post, anything- and you get that familiar pressure in your chest because you can literally feel the words in your soul? And you just know that these words are just brimming with love and beauty and importance? I love that. It is one of my favorite things in the whole world. And then someone who has been as affected as I have by these words becomes inspired to make something out of them that is even more beautiful, like a painting or a poster or a song. Every single time I log in to my tumblr I am blown away by what people have created out of stories that I hold so close to my heart. Seriously, people are incredible. 

I have shared one of these beautiful story-inspired songs on the blog before, “Warrior” by Beth Crowley. Which, let’s face it, has become a sort of anthem to the TMI Fandom. When I first discovered “Warrior”, I saw that she had already posted a song that was also inspired by TID, “Skin and Bones”. I hadn’t read the books in a while, and listened to it without giving it my full attention. Well folks, I re-listened to that song today, and well. I just can’t even. Just take a listen for yourself.

Are you joking me? This song is perfect. The first time I listened to it I assumed it was about Tessa, and her “divided soul” between Will and Jem. But then I thought that it suits so beautifully Will and Jem’s relationship. But the final verse is so reminiscent of the epilogue of Clockwork Princess that it brings you back to Tessa and Jem. Then I realized- it’s about all three of them. The fact that it is so entangled between Tessa, Will, and Jem made it even more perfect. What was it that Magnus had said in The Midnight Heir?

How they loved each another, these three, how they had suffered for each another, and yet how much joy they clearly took from simply being in the same room.”

That Beth took the relationship between these three that is so complex and painful and beautiful into a single song so perfectly, blows my mind.

So, yeah. That is what I have been doing lately. Crying over books and words and people and love. In the best way.


Beth’s Links:


Beth Crowley
P.O. Box 942
Hendersonville, TN 37075


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