The Bane Chronicles: The Rise of the Hotel Dumort by Cassandra Clare and Maureen Johnson


In the most recent installment of The Bane Chronicles The Rise of the Hotel Dumort, we catch up with Magnus in New York, at the end of the roaring 20’s and just days before the crash of the stock market that would send America spiraling into the Great Depression.

The thing that sets apart this story from the others is Magnus’ somber attitude. He is still throwing his raging parties and of course is running a speakeasy during prohibition- shocker. But it seems like he isn’t even enjoying it, to the point that even his snarky attitude is lacking. He did have a couple good one-liners, but nothing compared to what we read in The Midnight Heir.

What is Magnus without the attitude? Human. He is more human in this story than any of the others. Sure, he isn’t engaging in a scandalous affair, or falling madly in love with the wrong person. For most of the story, he is just living. Running through the same routine everyday, becoming bored with it but doing nothing to change it. You know, what us mundanes do for most of our lives.

Towards the end there we get to see some action. I went into this story thinking it was going to be chock-full of vampires, but it seems that The Hotel Dumort began with some bad decisions made by a warlock, and not one of the Night Children. The only vamp we interact with in this story is the flapper Dolly, who is so obviously sent by Camille that it kind of left no room for suspense. Its becoming clear that when something strange happens in Magnus’ life, all things lead back to Camille. Unfortunately. Ugh, I just don’t like her.

We do meet another Greymark, which I think is the first one other than Luke that has been mentioned? Right? I think so. Also, anyone else wondering who this ‘young Shadowhunter’ that shot Aldous and gave Magnus an arrow was? He just happened to never be mentioned by name. Very cryptic, Cassie, verrry cryptic. Thirty years after The Midnight Heir…. a Herondale perhaps?? 🙂

All in all I liked The Rise of the Hotel Dumort. Was it better than The Midnight Heir? No. But in all fairness it would be extremely hard to beat an appearance by Will, Tessa, and Jem. I am really looking forward to Saving Raphael Santiago coming out on September 17th.


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