Top Ten Tuesday!


Guess who is finally joining in on the fun? 🙂 I absolutely love reading these every week, so I decided to jump on in. I really am trying to jump back on the memes/features that I have been neglecting as well. I really am. Promise.

If you have never come across a Top Ten Tuesday, it is a weekly feature hosted over on The Broke and The Bookish. They post a different top ten topic every week, it’s pretty cool. You should probably just jump right on the bandwagon with me. We can be wagon buddies! Do it!

This week’s list is Top Ten Things That Make Our Lives Easier as Bloggers. Here is my list!

1. WordPress. What would I do without you? I love how easy WordPress makes it to have a blog for those of us who would rather be reading that learning HTML or CSS.

2. Tumblr. I cannot even begin to say how much time I spend scrolling through the tags of books that I love, or have just read. Or my favorite movies and tv shows. The creators that post on Tumblr are so creative and inspiring. It seriously blows my mind. I wrote an entire post the other day about book inspired content just the other day because I was so blown away.

3. Kindle App. I have a kindle, but most of my reading is done on my kindle app on my phone. Or my computer at work, that way I look like I am reading something work-related. 🙂 Also, makes reading Netgalley stuff so much easier.

4. My Husband. Seriously though. He supports my incredible reading habit, and puts up with me spending a ton of my free time doing it. Plus he is a web developer and crazy smart, so he is super helpful when it comes to the tech side of making my blog functional. 

5. Fellow Bloggers. I am relatively new to the book blogging community and already everyone is so helpful and nice. Plus I get 90% of my book recommendations from the blogs I follow. You guys rock.

6. NetgalleyI love being able to blog about books that aren’t out yet, and letting people know if it is worth picking up or not!

7. Amazon. I know that I already mentioned the Kindle App, but I kind of think this qualifies as something different. Not so much being able to read on the go, but being able to purchase books on demand and not have to wait for them to be delivered saves my sanity sometimes.

8. My Local Bookstore. I live in a small town kind of off in the middle of nowhere, and I am so lucky to have my local bookstore. For a while there we didn’t have one, so I would have to order my books or wait until we drove into the city so I could stop by Barnes and Noble or something. This is so much easier. Plus, supporting local companies makes me feel good. 

9. Tagging. Tagging is probably my favorite blog feature. It’s makes finding things so much easier.

10. PicmonkeyDid I already mention that I am not the most tech savvy person? Well Picmonkey doesn’t even care that I am not some crazy talented graphic designer. It doesn’t judge me. It just calmly provides me with the tools that I need to make banners/graphics without asking too much of me in return.


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday!

  1. I’ve never heard of Picmonkey… I am a little tech-tarded when it comes to stuff like that, so hopefully it will help me to now! Thank you for stopping by my top ten this week (I love your blog title and tagline, for I too am a book-o-holic!) severs stuff 😉


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