Three Ghost Stories by Charles Dickens

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#1- The Signal Man

This story was by far my favorite! It is about a man who becomes acquainted with a Signal Man who works for the trains that run in the underground of London. Basically, his job is to warn the trains if there is danger on the tracks or any problems by use of a light or a flag. He thinks he is going mad because he keeps seeing an apparition on the tracks warning that something bad is going to happen, but without solid proof he is worried that if he signals danger without grounds for it, he could be fired and people will think he is crazy.

The story is spooky and mysterious. I could not guess the outcome even though I was trying so hard. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, like a good mystery always does. Dickens achieves in a short story what some mystery novels fail to do in 500 pages. I absolutely loved it!

#2- The Haunted House

This story is actually a portion of a bigger story written for a newspaper by various authors. It is about a man who goes to live in the country in a haunted house. He eventually decides to create a little experiment. He send his whole wait staff home and invites a few friends out so they can all share and run the house on their own, which apparently was unheard of at the time.

They thought it was a fun and novel thing to be assigned to chores. They are each assigned to a different room in the house and corresponds to the titles of each chapter that a different author writes. Dickens wrote the introduction as well as “Master B’s Bedroom”.

The introduction was the best part. There is this bit with him on the train with this crazy guy that is just hilarious. However when it gets into the chapter in Master B’s room, it gets pretty odd. It kind of doesn’t even make an sense and he ends up lecturing about life and teaching some big metaphorical lesson that was just stuffy and boring.

I wouldn’t recommend this story at all. Aside from the bit on the train. It really was clever and entertaining.

#3- A Trial for Murder

This story is about a man who is called to serve on a jury for a murder trial. Previously, he had been experiencing visions and apparitions that are connected to the trial. The story goes on to explain the visions he had in the courtroom and how the apparition was effecting the others in the courtroom as well.

This one was just…okay. It didn’t blow me away and I felt like there was no real cohesiveness to it. It just didn’t make much sense at the end.

All in all, The Signal Man is the only one I would recommend. If you can get your hands on all of the sections of The Haunted House it may be worth a read, but the sections contained in this one were kind of confusing and random.

Basically, read The Signal Man. It is so worth it. If you are looking for a short spooky story to use in the classroom or at an activity, this is totally it!


If you want to check out the quotes I liked from these stories, you can find those here!


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