The Bane Chronicles: Saving Raphael Santiago by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan [Quotes]

There was a Sanctuary, too, up in Brooklyn, if you needed to hide, but the witch who ran it didn’t solve your problems.


“Tell me about your son,” he said.

“Raphael,” said Guadalupe. “His name is Raphael.”


Go to faeries for gossip about vampires, to werewolves for gossip about faeries, and do not gossip about werewolves, because they try to bite your face off: that was Magnus’s motto.


Magnus did not like to go near the Hotel Dumont if he could help it. It was decrepit and unsettling, it held bad memories, and it also occasionally held evil former lady love.


The girl’s eyes widened. “You’re Magnus Bane,” she said.


There was human and vampire blood: vampire blood a deeper red, a red that stayed red when when dried, red forever and always.


He held on to the boy, newborn in grave dirt and blood, and he wished that he had found him dead.


Love did not overcome everything. Love did not always endure. A; you had could be taken away, love could be the last thing you had, and then love could be taken too.


It dawned on Magnus that Raphael’s question in the vampires’ hotel- Are you stupid?– had not been only an expression of despair but also a question of Raphael’s personality.

He was soon to learn that it was also Raphael’s favorite question.


There were ways. Ways one might pay a terrible price for. Ways his father knew of, and Magnus hated his father. But if she could stay with him always-


Magnus had often thought of getting a pet, but he had never considered acquiring a sullen teenage vampire. Once Raphael was gone, he thought, he was getting a cat. And he would always throw his cat a birthday party.


He remembered the Silent Brothers coming for him in Madrid, and teaching him that there was still a way to live.


“I think your mother should have beaten you,” said Magnus. “Frequently.”


As mortals called on God, on angels and saints, as they chanted while telling their rosary, Raphael was pronouncing the only names that were sacred to him and would not burn his tongue to utter. Raphael was calling on his family.


“And you constantly give the Shadowhunters lip, so they all dislike you, save a few wayward rebellious souls,” said Ragnor. “How many times have I told you Magnus? Behave professionally in a professional setting. Which means no being rude to Nephilim, and also no getting attached to Nephilim.”

“I never get attached to Nephilim!” Magnus protested.

Ragnor coughed, and in the midst of the cough said something that sounded like “blerdondale”.

“Well,” said Magnus. “Hardly ever.”


“Do you know he spends hours in the bathroom sometimes?” Raphael announced mercilessly. “He wastes actual magic on his hair. On his hair!”

“I love this kid,” said Ragnor.


“Someday that smart mouth is going to get you into a lot of trouble,” Magnus called darkly over his shoulder.

“Look who’s talking,” said Ragnor.

“Hello?” said Raphael, as laconic as usual. “Damned soul.”

Worst roommate ever.


“But I’m warning you, I’m all out of blood of the innocent. This is scotch.”


“No,” he murmered. “No, I didn’t. You know him better than anyone else ever has or ever will. You made him, you taught him to be all he is, and you know him down to his bones. You know how strong he is. You know how much he loves you. If I gave you anything, give me your faith now. Teach one thing to all of your children. I have never told you anything more true than this. Believe this, if you believe nothing else. Raphael saved himself.”


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