The Bane Chronicles: Saving Raphael Santiago by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan


In the newest installment of The Bane Chronicles, we meet up with Magnus in New York in 1953. He has made himself a private detective, but that really doesn’t matter because everyone knows he is a warlock anyway. The story begins when a woman calls on him to save her son from the vampires holed up in The Hotel Dumont (am I the only one who reads it as Dumort now anyway?). Her son happens to be mister Raphael Santiago himself.

If you have read Cassie’s The Mortal Instruments series, you are already very aware of who Raphael is. If you haven’t, this actually wouldn’t be a bad thing to read before hand. It is relatively spoiler-free, and really you won’t notice the reference-y things until you read TMI and then come back and read this probably.

Anyway- this is the story of how Raphael came to be the man he is when we first meet him in City of Bones. But really, the story is mainly about who already was… who he was raised to be. We never get a real glimpse into his character before this, and I do have to admit (against my better judgement) that I quite like Raphael. His interactions with Magnus in this are hilarious, and there is this bit with Ragnor Fell (when isn’t there a bit with Ragnor Fell?) that had me actually laughing out loud.

And yes, there is still the “I am going to make vague references to my father, mother, and step-father, but never actually reveal anything about myself just to frustrate you” thing as well. Damn it Magnus, if I didn’t like you so much you would drive me crazy!

It isn’t going to wrench your heart out like the Herondale boys, however they do get a passing mention, but it is entertaining none the less. If you have liked The Bane Chronicles so far, this one won’t let you down.


If you want to check out the snarky one-liners from Magnus and Raphael, check out the quotes that I loved!


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