Sick and Tired!

…of being sick and tired.

Unfortunately, I have been sick all this week. My coworkers have been sick, my best friends, my boss. All sick. Apparently its the thing to do. Also-



-this doesn’t exactly help. Utah decided to skip fall this year, and jump right into winter. It is literally hailing outside as I am typing this. Keep in mind, exactly one week ago it was 90 degrees.

I love fall. I really really do. When Utah decides to have one, the trees up in the mountains change to gorgeous yellows and reds and the air is clean and crisp. So skipping it so often is rather disappointing. Plus, it makes the outdoor haunted houses decidedly less enjoyable, and they are my favorite.

Well, more time inside means more time for reading, yeah? I missed TTT this week, but I managed to still get through The Turn of the Screw as well for Frightening Fall. And I am finishing up listening to Coraline. I have kind of been savoring it to tell you the truth. Only 30 minutes left and I don’t want it to end!

And if you missed by post about 7 Day Apparel, please go check it out! To say I am excited about it, is a bit of an understatement. So to accurately depict how I feel, here is a gif of Matt Smith instead 🙂






9 thoughts on “Sick and Tired!

  1. Aw, sorry to hear you’ve been feeling sick. Hope you and the weather get better soon! I love fall too. Such s gorgeous time of year…
    So you’re enjoying Coraline, I see. Isn’t it kind of terrifying? I seem to remember it that way…
    I think your Matt Smith gif is a perfect summation of your excitement. 😀


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