Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn-Offs



If you have never come across a Top Ten Tuesday, it is a weekly feature hosted over on The Broke and The Bookish. They post a different top ten topic every week, it’s pretty cool.

This week’s topic is all about book turn-off’s. You know when you’re happily reading along, something happens, leaving you going really? That’s a turn-off!

1. Whiny narrators. Basically, Bella Swan. I  did love the Twilight series, really. But can we just take a second to imagine how much better the whole thing would have been if every 5 minutes we didn’t want to beat Bella over the head with a frying pan?

2. Love triangles. I know this is probably going to be a pretty popular answer this week. I have seen it done well exactly one time. How many times has it been attempted? Yeah, it’s a problem.

3. Unnecessary world building. This is main reason I have a hard time with high-fantasy. I pushed my way through The Hobbit, but could never get into LoTR. I decided to give Game of Thrones a try, and made it all the way through half of the second book. I realize that high fantasy is a genre that almost guarantees world-building. But when George R.R. Martin take 20 pages to explain what a room looks like, or dear god don’t even get me started on his obsession with describing food for hours. It’s a different world, with different stuff. I GET IT, MOVE IT ALONG YO.

4. Obvious plot lines. No one wants to know the end of book by the second chapter.

5. Weird names. Well, not so much weird names, but names that are odd enough for you to not remember who people are. Or you just end up calling them something else in your head to make it easier to remember. Either way, still annoying.

6. High schoolers who are never actually in school. I would much rather just pretend that interesting adventures only happened to you during summer vacation. I can look past that. But when it is October and shenanigan after shenanigan is happening and I’m like, wait- what? How did that even happen? You should have been in school anyway.

7. No one ever showers/eats. It’s not like I want to know all the details, and please do not describe their food to me. But let’s be for real, people need to shower. And eat. It’s a thing.

8. Open Endings. Yeah, I’m lookin at you Lauren Oliver. No. It’s still not okay.

9. When the summary on the back of the book is not even what the book is about. I always love it when I get unexpected twists in a story, but when I go back and read the back afterwards and it is so far from the actual story that it could have been used as a stock summary for any novel in the genre. Sometimes, you can tell that it isn’t even written by the author. If the paragraph description on the dust jacket isn’t well written, I am not buying it. Not even sorry about it.

10. Enormous books printed on small paperbacks so they are like 900 pages long. No one has thumbs that strong. Come one publishers, get your crap together.

What are your book turn offs?


12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn-Offs

  1. Omg…THIS!!!
    Whiny narrators? I might have been able to get through Frankenstein. Stupid Victor. I hated him so much.
    High end fantasy is a genre you either love or hate. BUT Eragon and the Night Angel trilogy do the world building thing pretty well.
    Cassandra Clare loves love triangles. She said something about them in an interview once. I don’t mind the triangle in Mortal Instruments because it’s kind of not a main thing. I didn’t really think of it as a love triangle. But in Infernal Devices? That was perfectly executed.
    And the school thing? Agreed! You know what else I hate? Absent parent syndrome in YA. There are so many books where it’s like “your parents would NOT let you do that. Wait…where are they?”
    And open endings? Is that a Delirium trilogy reference? Now I’m scared to get to Requiem!

    Sorry about the rant. But it’s not often you get to discuss the “pet peeves” of books 🙂


    • Haha it is like we are the same person!!! Infernal Devices is the one I had seen executed well. It was perfection. I still can’t even really talk about it without basically sounding like this: “KJLADHFLAISHGIO;HSGI;ORHGIROHG”

      I have the first two books in the Eragon series, but haven’t gotten to them yet!

      Maybe that was a Delirium reference, maybe not. You will have to finish them and then we will talk about all of them. At length I am sure! 🙂


  2. I have to agree with a lot of these, although I will say that I can handle a lot more description in high fantasy than I’ll put up with in dramas, even if it’s historical fiction.

    As for number 7 – I rarely notice that kind of thing, but it really stood out in the Harry Potter series that despite numerous references to toilets, no-one seemed to bathe until the 4th book…maybe Harry did once over the summer in second year??


    • I notice the shower thing more in books that really follow the narrator around at length. Since we leave Harry sometimes and pick back up with him like two-weeks later, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. But when we follow Clary (of The Mortal Instruments) around for two weeks straight and she rubs a bar of soap in her hair once, I am questioning whether Jace is ignoring her because he is brooding, or because she smells like ass!


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