Frightening Fall Friday! Dracula by Bram Stoker




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As he spoke he smiled, and the lamplight fell on a hard-looking mouth, with very red lips and sharp-looking teeth, as white as ivory. One of my companions whispered to another the line from Burger’s “Lenore”.

Denn die Todten reiten Schnell.”

For the dead travel fast.

Initially, as most of you know, I didn’t really like Dracula at all in the beginning. Fortunately, I later realized that I just didn’t really care for Jonathan Harker’s writing style (and that I was getting really confused because I kept switching Harker and his boss, Mr. Hawkins, in my head). The novel is composed of different journal entries, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and those kinds of things from our protagonists. The story begins with the journal of Jonathan Harker, on his journey to Dracula’s castle in Translyvania. That’s the dry bit. Don’t let it deter you from the rest of the novel, because once it gets into Mina’s POV, it gets much better.

Mina was actually my favorite of the narrators. Even though she does tend to ramble, I found her narrative the smoothest to read. I thought I would for sure identify more with Van Helsing, but apparently the woman in me decided to show itself!

I do have have to say, that I never really found Dracula himself scary at all. The story does get suspenseful at times, but I was never really freaked out by the whole vampire thing. That patient of Seward’s though, Renfield? That dude was terrifying with his whole eating-animals-to-consume-their-life-force thing. Seriously?


I always tend to struggle with classic literature. Even if I absolutely love the story, I find myself skimming more than I am actually reading because I just don’t really care about drawn out descriptions of things that do not really matter to the plot. However, it is not that the writing itself is bad, I just have a hard time with it.

It’s not you Bram Stoker, it’s me.

Onto the next one! I will be starting The Woman in Black in the next couple days, and I am ready to be spooked!



3 thoughts on “Frightening Fall Friday! Dracula by Bram Stoker

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  2. Glad you made it all the way through. Dracula himself isn’t that scary, no. The tension is rather created by us wondering if they’ll be able to save Mina in time than by us being terrified of the monster. I’m sure there’s something symbolic to be taken from that…


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