The Bane Chronicles: The Fall of the Hotel Dumort by Cassandra Clare and Maureen Johnson



The newest installment of The Bane Chronicles picks up in July 1977. Magnus has been away from New York for two years, but is finally making his way back. It is pretty apparent when he first walks into to his flat that something is very wrong with the vampires in New York, and if Magnus can’t figure it out fast the werewolves are going to take matters into their own hands.

Without giving away too much, I can tell you that this isn’t your typical Magnus adventure. For once, it seems that they issues he faces in The Fall of the Hotel Dumort are very human problems just that happen to involve werewolves, vampires, and warlocks. The Shadowhunters get a mention or two, but we never actually hear anything from them. We do get our first look at the old Second Precinct turned chinese take-out/werewolf lair.

You would assume that the main vampire in this would be Raphael right? Was I the only one hoping that? Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s the other one.

Ugh. I hate Camille.

That being said, you can imagine that there isn’t a ton of snark in this one either. I still liked it though. It is refreshing to see a series with such a supernatural focus tackle some mundane topics as well.

I am super excited for The Last Stand of The New York Institute coming out next month. Magnus vs. Valentine? YES PLEASE.


There were only two quotes that I picked out from this one, so it seems silly to give them their own post. Lucky you! No clicking!

“You hear about these murders?”

“Haven’t read a paper in a while,” Magnus said. 

“Some loony-tune. Calls himself the Son of Sam. hey called him the forty-four-calliber killer too. Goes around shooting couples on lovers’ lanes, you know? Sick bastard. Real sick. Police haven’t caught him. They don’t do nothing. Sick bastard. City’s full of them. You shouldn’ta come back.”

New York cab drivers- always little rays of sunshine. 


“What would you want me to say to her? It’s hard to walk in after that long and just say ‘Stop attacking people. Also, how have you been since the turn of the century?'”


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6 thoughts on “The Bane Chronicles: The Fall of the Hotel Dumort by Cassandra Clare and Maureen Johnson

    • Me too! If you haven’t read The Mortal Instruments or The Infernal Devices, this series is chock-full of spoilers. Its a spin off mini-series about one the characters. They release a new one every month! Sometimes she co-writes it with Maureen, other times with Sarah Rees Brennan. Who is fabulous as well!


      • I have picked up The Mortal Instruments dozens of times…and I never get around to reading them. I really need to change that. Very cool! That is such a neat idea to expand the world. 😀


      • They are pretty good! The prequel series, The Infernal Devices is better though I think. I think you would like them more as well. They are set in Victorian London, and they are absolutely beautiful.


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