Allegiant by Veronica Roth [SPOILER CITY YO!]


I guess I should begin this by saying that if you haven’t read Allegiant, you should not be here. This is the third and final book in the Divergent series, so I’m not going to mess around with a spoiler-free review. Those who have read the firs two books already know that they are going to read this one, they aren’t going to be looking for reviews to decide if it’s worth their time. So if you haven’t read Allegiant yet, please don’t spoil it for yourself by reading this!

Well, those of you still here…. I suppose you are in the same boat that I’m in right now. But let’s begin with the beginning, and then move on to the more difficult stuff.

First thoughts? Awwwwww shit! Dual perspective! I love Four, and I was so excited to get to see his perspective. I think it worked, and at the end I see that there was a reason Veronica Roth decided that was the best way to write this one. Well played.

I think the pacing was kind of off. It seemed like things weren’t happening nearly as quickly as they did in Divergent and Insurgent. The only thing that was keeping me on the edge of my seat was knowing that this was the going to be the end of their stories, and I was invested in them enough to care about what happens.

So we come to find out that Chicago is an experiment, which we were all kind of already guessing. What I didn’t see coming was the whole government conspiracy behind it. Well, can you really call it a conspiracy? Those that were GP, even the Divergent that were smuggled out of the city, were told that those who were not like them were ‘damaged’, but the heartbreaking part is that the GP’s that were running the compound weren’t trying to manipulate the other GP’s into thinking that, it is what they genuinely believed. How mad can you be at someone for that? They had been lied to for what, 8 generations? All of the people who instigated the initial conspiracy are long gone, and maybe the truth died with them? We don’t know.

That is what makes this book so damn emotional. What is right? What is wrong? Tris and Four have this conversation, and Tris basically lays it out perfectly.

It’s not a perfect situation. But when you have to choose between two bad options, you choose the one that saves the people that you love and believe in most. You just do. Okay?

Can you imagine being sixteen and having to make that decision? Ugh. So emotional.

We might as well get down to the nitty-gritty. First off, did anyone think Tris wasn’t going to go in there and sacrifice herself? If so, DID YOU MISS THE TWO PREVIOUS BOOKS? We know that Roth isn’t afraid to kill off characters that we care about, and so far Edward and Tori aren’t going to cut it. I am still in denial about Uriah, in the end that was just unnecessary. And let’s be for real, no one would have cared if Caleb had died. it wouldn’t have meant enough. Does that mean that I thought she would actually kill off her main character? No. No. God no.

Not in a million years.

But, that’s probably just the denial talking.

Honestly, I didn’t get emotional about it right away. I was angry. Really angry. Basically my reaction looked a lot like this:


I didn’t even shed a tear until Caleb talks to Four.

“She told me that if she didn’t survive, I should tell you…” Caleb chokes, then pulls himself up straight, fighting off tears. “That she didn’t want to leave you.”

Four breaks my heart. I know that some people have had a problem with Four in this book being too insecure or too emotional and that it was out of character for him. To be fair, we never got to see anything from his perspective before, so how would we really know? Yeah, he threw a little hissy fit and did some stupid stuff. But, can we not forget that in the past month he found out his mom was still alive, his dad is still a psycho, they are currently putting the city at war, Tris has almost died like a billion times, he had to keep a billion secrets, found out that the world is huge and people can fly, his whole life has been an experiment and the one thing that he had held on to for himself, that he believed made him who he was, WAS A LIE? Yeah, I would have thrown a fit too.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about Allegiant. It wasn’t my favorite in the series, and I don’t think the intent was for it to be. It wasn’t bittersweet. It was just bitter.

It was more of a Mockingjay than a Clockwork Princess, and I can respect that. I don’t love it, but I can respect it.

Maybe I am writing this review too soon after reading it and I will change my mind about things in a couple weeks. I just had to get it all out.

What did you guys think about it? Let’s talk. We probably all need it after this.


4 thoughts on “Allegiant by Veronica Roth [SPOILER CITY YO!]

  1. Sometimes I think I’m the only one who liked Caleb. But I agree with you. The moment they mentioned the death mission, you had to have known Tris would do it. I read one review, where the reader was saying how it would have been more emotional if Tris was just shot but had her memory wiped instead. Looking back at it now, I’d have to agree. Tris dying didn’t make sense and didn’t really serve a proper purpose. Her losing her self would have been though.

    Good review!


    • I definitely think that having her memory wiped instead of dying would have been more emotional. I wasn’t really even that sad she was dead, I was just angry. I was sad because of how heartbroken I knew Four would be.

      But yeah, you might be the only person who like Caleb. I hated that guy from the beginning!


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