Summer Falls and Other Stories by Amelia Williams, Melody Malone, and Justin Richards

Not sure if you can tell by the authors, but this is a collection of 3 short stories set in the Who-verse. My experience with Doctor Who literature is limited, but I am slowly picking up more and more stories about the Doctor, and the lives of the people he touches.

Let’s face it, sometimes I just miss him.

I do have to say, before jumping into the stories, that my favorite part of this collection was the forward written by Amelia Williams. It is written basically for the Doctor, and it made my little heart happy and sad at the same time. If you just want to read that bit, someone on tumblr has been nice enough to take pictures of it and posted them here.

It’s worth it, believe me 🙂

Onto the stories!

Summer Falls by Amelia Williams (Inspired by The Bells of Saint John)

SummerFallsThis story follows a young girl names Kate, who finds herself new to a small town with a strange secret. The pharmacist is apparently poisoning people, she accidentally becomes the owner of a strange painting, and the museum curator who doesn’t have a name seems to know more than he lets on.

I like Kate’s spunky little character.  I didn’t really get an Amy vibe from the writing, but it was good none-the less. The lack of Doctor made me a bit disappointed, but just being back in the who-verse was comforting enough.

The Angels Kiss  by Melody Malone (inspired by The Angels Take Manhatten)

Angel KissProfessor Song, how good it is to see you again 🙂 The only woman that could make me momentarily forget that the Doctor doesn’t even show up in this one. But let’s be honest, Melody Pond has a way of taking care of herself most of the time, agreed?

In this case, literally ‘case” her being detective Melody Malone in this story, she is in the business of Angels. Getting rid of them, finding them, saving people from them. Not blinking. You know, normal Angel business.

MeoldyMalonegifI loved being in River’s head.

I especially love that this story involved Angels and Manhattan and I didn’t end up bawling like and infant at the end.

Devil in the Smoke by Justin Richards (inspired by The Snowmen)


This story welcome back Madame Vastra, Jenny, and of course, Strax. So naturally you can imagine that the dialogue alone is hilarious. Richards has captured their personalities perfectly in The Devil in the Smoke. The Doctor makes no appearance in this story either, but like with River, he didn’t really need too. Plus, we all know he was on a little hiatus in the time before The Snowmen. Pouting up in the clouds and all.

So he wasn’t there when two little boys made a snowman that somehow had a dead body inside of it. But The Great Detective, with her wife and trusty Sontaran were 🙂

This story was my favorite out of the three 🙂 It’s nice to know that the Doctor isn’t the only one out there saving us from the things that go bump in the night.


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