Hello November! Nice to see you so soon!

It’s November already? Seriously? Usually, I would be upset about how fast October flew by. Fall is my favorite month, and if the holiday months want to drag on by, I am totally okay with it. I’ll make an exception this year though, because in 23 days I am going on vacation. FOR A WHOLE WEEK! Well, 9 days actually. Where am I going, you ask? Somewhere tropical? Someplace with a beach and an umbrella and an adult beverage in my hand? Close! And by close I mean, couldn’t be farther from the truth but it is probably still going to be warm there. Good ol’ Oklahoma!

Who in the world vacations to Oklahoma? Right? The real question is, whose parents up and move to Oklahoma after all their children graduate high school and fly the coop? Yeah. Mine. Because they are cool like that.

Even though it is not to some tropical destination, I am still so excited! I am the only one in my family who is left in Utah, so we don’t get to see each other often. My brother and his family are coming down from Colorado as well, so it’s going to be so fun! My niece and nephew are two of the most badass kids on the planet. I’m not even just saying that because I am their aunt. I promise.

AddiWyattTold you!

Plus, my parents’ cooking is as near to heaven as you can get. I’m not even joking. Both of them are fantastic cooks, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that I inherited zero of that talent from either of them.

The only downside is the drive. We go south through Utah, into New Mexico, over into Arizona into Texas, and then up to Oklahoma so we miss the Rockies. Good for the car, not so good for us. 20 hours through the desert is basically the worst drive ever. We are going to have to stock up on some good audiobooks for sure, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

With October being over, so is Frightening Fall! I managed to conquer all but two on the list, which I am pretty proud of 🙂 I am thinking about doing another Feature for the Christmas months. I haven’t read a ton of Christmas books, and now that I am comfortable reading Dickens, I might just have to pick up A Christmas Carol, since I have yet to read it. Any Christmas favorites for me to add to the list?

As of right now, I am flying through Neverfade, the second book in The Darkest Minds series. Very impressed with the series this far. Look for that review probably tomorrow of Sunday! Until then, here is a bonus picture of my Halloween costume yesterday. Me being Nick Miller (New Girl) being Bee Arthur (Golden Girls). It’s like costume-ception!




13 thoughts on “Hello November! Nice to see you so soon!

  1. LOL – great costume! Way to go if you got all the way through with the exception of 2 of the books! That’s excellent!
    I don’t do audio books, but my mom, who loves them, loves the Harry Potter series. She won’t read the books and doesn’t watch the movies, but she so loved the guy that read the books! So, that’s my recommendation based on my mother having spoke so highly of them! 😉


    • Thank you! It was great fro work because it was so casual.

      I absolutely love the HP audiobooks. The guys who reads them has won awards for how incredible he is. We just might have to listen to those, since the hubby still hasn’t read them! I had forgotten that I even had those ones on audio. Good call!


    • I did! I have listened to the full audiobook of Gaiman reading (12 hours) and I have listened to the radio performance of it (3 hours). It’s kind of a problem!!

      I found it on Audible and had credits, so you better believe I snatched it up 🙂



      • I think being addicted to Neil Gaiman is understandable, if not expected once you’ve been exposed to his genius. I have the radio play, but I want the iTunes one…I couldn’t find the very first “act”.
        Reading American Gods at the moment and I really want to read The Graveyard Book when I’m done but I have other books to read first… 😦


      • American Gods is amazing! But I keep getting distracted by Gaiman’s beautiful words and find myself wondering how the hell the character got behind the wheel when seconds before they’d been eating in a café.
        Which is fine by me. It means I get more time in Gaiman’s head.
        Have you read his new book yet?


      • I need to read it! I was listening to an interview he did at the end of an audiobook the other day and when he was asked about how he writes children’s books differently, he said it is because he thinks about every word he puts into them. He can justify using every single one. He used American Gods and an example for his adult fiction, in which he can’t justify half the words. He just liked the sound of them or thought they were beautiful 🙂 So I would probably get wrapped up in them too!

        His newest one is The Ocean at the End of the Lane right? If so, I did read it and it was AMAZING. I have a review of it up here 🙂


      • He is the kind of author I desperately want to be. Well, actually, a little bit Neil Gaiman, a little bit Cassie Clare. But it really is a genius book. I actually recommended it to someone I started chatting to at a bookshop yesterday and as I was leaving I saw her with it in her hands as she went up to the counter. Score! haha

        And you have? Wicked. I really want to read it. I read the blurb and fell in love with it. I want all of his books haha. Have you read Anansi Boys? It’s kind of like a sequel to American Gods….


      • I heard it was kind of a follow up to read Anansi Boys after American Gods, so I have been holding off until I can get my hands on it. I checked my local yesterday and they didn’t have any Gaiman at all, so I will have to wait until I go into the city int he next couple weeks!

        The Ocean at The End of The Lane is one of his best, probably my favorite adult fiction he has written. The one thing that kind of makes it different from his others is that he wrote it for Amanda when she was away to Australia recording, so he put more “feelings” into it because she likes “feelings”:) it really is a masterpiece!


      • Try and get the black and gold version, if you can. It’s an extended edition and Gaiman and his editors worked extraordinarily hard on it, according to the foreword. The cover looks like this:

        You won’t be disappointed 🙂
        And the more I hear about The Ocean at the End of the Lane, the more I want it. One day I will own ALL of Gaiman’s books maw ha ha

        I think I need Anansi Boys next


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