Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken [SPOILERS!]

SPOILERY SECTION (read at your own risk, people)

1. Am I the only person who is shipping the shit out of Chubs/Vida? Can that please happen?

2. I was seriously expecting that power-surge before the bombing to be a part of some resistance in Los Angeles against the Children’s League. I was maybe expecting them to have used a certain Yellow to send out the EMP. Basically, I miss Zu. Like a lot.

3. Liam goddamn Stewart. I haven’t had a book-crush like this since Will Herondale.

4. Jude. Judith. No, no, no. Not okay.

5. Cole Stewart. Red. I didn’t see that one coming even a little.

What are you guys looking forward too in the next book? What surprised you the most in Never Fade? Let’s talk!


2 thoughts on “Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken [SPOILERS!]

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  2. I need Jude to not be dead… I basically dropped the book and went into shock. We need to get Alexandra Bracken to somehow make it so Jude actually survived. I just need him he was so cute and sweet and this dark series needs someone like him!!!
    Ps. I totally find Cole more intriguing than Liam… he reminds me too much of Adam from the Shatter Me series.


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