Top Ten Tuesday: Book Covers I Wish Could Be Redesigned!


If you have never come across a Top Ten Tuesday, it is a weekly feature hosted over on The Broke and The Bookish. They post a different top ten topic every week, it’s pretty awesome. All the cool kids are doing it.

This week’s topic is all about book covers that you wish were redesigned. This one was actually pretty hard, since I tend to buy books based on how beautiful their covers are. Sue me. We all do it and you know it!


1. The Kill Order by James Dashner. As the fourth book (but prequel) in a 3 books series that happens to have fantastic covers (The Maze Runner is my fav), this one really dropped the ball.


2, 3, &4. The whole Delirium series by Lauren Oliver. I kind of hate books that are just the main character’s face. Not gonna lie, one of the reasons I haven’t read The Vampire Academy books yet!


5, 6, 7, & 8. The Witch and Wizard series by James Patterson. I’m reaching a little here, but they are a little too plain for me. Plus, why randomly stray from the path for The Kiss?

Okay, now can we just focus on my favorite covers of all time? Just look at how beautiful these are and tell me I’m wrong. Seriously.


What are your least favorite covers? What about your favorite?


13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Covers I Wish Could Be Redesigned!

  1. For some reason I managed to get Requiem and Pandemonium without Lena’s face on them. Not that it matters since I’m burning those books anyway…
    And Vampire Academy is brilliant! It’s not just Rose’s face on the covers though…the characters change, like Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices.
    You’ve already got my favourite covers on there. Have yet to see a more beautiful cover to a book than Mortal Instruments. But I just want to point out that the Harry Potter covers are being redesigned…there goes my childhood.


    • Haha I’m glad I only had Delirium on my kindle. No burning necessary 🙂

      I need to find out who does Cassie’s cover work. They are all gorgeous!

      Ive seen the new HP and its not too bad. Still pretty old school!


      • Pretty sure the artist’s name is in one of the bottom corners on Cassie’s books.
        You know what? I’m thinking of changing my Infernal Devices tattoo idea to incorporating the covers…they are absolutely stunning.

        I would love to keep Delirium, but the rest of the trilogy is so disappointing that I can’t look at them anymore. But I stand by the fact that Oliver’s first novel, “Before I Fall” is brilliant. Seriously, absolutely amazing. I highly recommend it. Pity Oliver had to stop caring about her craft.

        And I love the HP covers. I like what they point out online: “Let’s be grateful for the fact that HP never had movie covers”. I think they’re the only books not to succumb to it. I have a feeling JK had something to do with it. Another reason I love her so much 🙂


      • Infernal Devices tattoo? I’m intrigued now! Do tell!

        I need to read Before I Fall. Its on my TBR list for sure, but that list keeps getting longer and longer!

        I never really realized they never did movie covers. I mean, I know they never did but I hadn’t really thought about it. I love that. I love that Jo made something that everyone loved so much they tried their best not to change it fundamentally.

        I wish I could say the same for the City of Bones movie. Ugh.


      • Yeah. I was actually going to get it last month but life got in the way and my savings had to go to bills and all that fun stuff.
        I was thinking of getting the clockwork angel from the cover of Clockwork Princess with a violin on one side and a leather-bound book on the other. Black and white but with bright blue pansies around the edge, like the flowers in Tessa’s hair.
        The quote “words have the power to change us” was going to be woven in on a scroll type thing. I might get it done as a birthday present to myself next year. TID is the one series of books that seriously makes me want to be a better writer.

        Don’t worry…by TBR list in excruciatingly long. I’m trying not to think about how much money I spend/will spend on books. It’s too scary a number. But seriously do read “Before I Fall”. I love it.

        I never realised about the covers either until the internet pointed it out. Such a lovely thing, that authors can have such control over their books. Or at least one, anyway.

        Oh and tell me about it. I hate those little ovals on the covers of Cassie’s books now. Thank God I got my books years ago 🙂


      • That is such a cool idea! It makes my heart hurt a little, but also makes me want to read them for the billionth time.

        Ive toyed with getting a bookish tattoo, but can’t decide between Cassie or Gaiman. Story of my life! I tend to take a long time to decide my tattoos so I figure the longer I take to decide the better the decision I will make!


  2. Me too. I actually have to get Clockwork Angel back from the tattoo artist so I can take it with me when I move…but then I think that they’ll probably need it for the ink I want to get in March so I don’t know.
    You totally should go for a bookish tattoo! People get music/movie based ones, so why not a book one? I’m also actually thinking of getting Belle (you know, Beauty and the Beast) reading a book, but wearing gothic kind of clothing, on my shoulder. It was actually my mum’s idea. But I like the idea of a TID tattoo better. But you don’t have to choose. You could make it like a coast of arms with symbols from your favourite books from each author, or maybe, like, one character from each of your favourite books somehow interacting in the one taft. If you take some pictures to a tattoo artist, they can come up with some awesome stuff 🙂


    • Oh man, now I am getting tattoo fever! About once a year I get the itch to get new ink. Now I am going to spend my whole day planning something out and get zero work done! 🙂 I love that this series means as much to someone else as it does to me.


      • My younger sister has the most beautiful ink and every time I see her I just want more done. I have plans for a Hamlet based sleeve and a TARDIS/Doctor Who leg piece. I just need money….

        Aww man, TID inspired me even further to become a writer. A better writer. Cassie is just superfluously talented.

        I’m wondering if you’ve ever seen this website…
        I have my eye on so many things. Specifically the Herondale family ring, the mortal instruments bracelet and the stacker rings in blue, grey, and silver. It’s bookmarked for the day I can actually afford this stuff 🙂


      • Geezus, the amount of money I could spend on that site. Henry’s magnifying glass? Didn’t know I even wanted that in my life until right now. That’s it, I’m starting a re-read tomorrow. I miss them.


      • Tell me about it! I want the scroll/book pendant So. Badly. I couldn’t bring myself to wear Tessa’s pearl bracelet.
        I would re-read…but I have a list of books I need to read. Currently reading the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 🙂 Can’t wait to re-read though. One of the most fun series ever.


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