Severed by Dax Varley

Severed“How can you be always so carefree and optimistic?”

His lips softened. “Because I prefer it to the alternative.”

I took a break in my travel through the Wizarding World to finish this book that was gifted to me on NetGalley that I had never finished back in October, and I am so glad I did! Here is the little blurb from the publisher:

Katrina is still haunted by her encounter with the Headless Horseman – the night he beckoned to her. Now he has risen again, slashing heads and terrorizing the quiet countryside.

Her only joy during this dismal darkness comes when Ichabod Crane, a gorgeous young man from Connecticut, moves to Sleepy Hollow and their attraction turns to romance.

When the Horseman marks Ichabod as his next victim, Katrina, despite dangerous efforts to save him, sees no other choice than for them to flee.

But the Horseman awaits. Now it’s up to her to sever the horror and alter the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Basically, if you are a fan of the original Legend of Sleepy Hollow like I am, this novel was a no-brainer. Luckily for us, Varley has taken some liberties with the original, otherwise I am not sure I could handle the story from Irving’s Katrina’s point of view. Varley’s Katrina is a much bolder heroine, who does much of the saving and little of the damsel-in-distress-ing. She leaves most of that to Ichabod.

We also get an insight into her life in the Hollow before Crane arrived. Her relationship to her father, how her mother passed away, and of course how Brom is going to fit into the whole thing.

I loved how this story played out. It is a mystery at it’s core, with a little romance thrown in. It keeps you guessing throughout and isn’t afraid to cross a few lines. The romance isn’t too overpowering either, just enough to make the feelings believable. Cheesy at times, but I didn’t mind at all!

I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good mystery, even if they aren’t fans of the original or haven’t even read it in the first place. Varley has written Severed so that it will stand on it’s own, and has done so beautifully.


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