Book Boozer, Where Have You Been?


It has been exactly one month since my last post. WHAT. Hey, but I have a good excuse. Two good excuses actually. Very good ones, if I do say so myself.

Excuse #1: We’re having a baby!



Yay! Pretty excited about this 🙂

Excuse #2 (the one that actually is an excuse, not just me being excited): We moved into a house! After four years in a tiny apartment, it is so nice to have a house and a yard and a garage. Seriously, I didn’t realize what I was missing by not having a garage.

We have been super busy spending every moment not at work unpacking and painting, and we still aren’t done. But we do have internet now, finally!

Okay, so maybe we haven’t spend every moment unpacking and painting, because I have still found plenty of time to read. Obviously. 🙂

So do not fear! Reviews are coming your way! Look out for these coming this week sometime(ish):

1984 by George Orwell

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Out of Exile by Derek Siddoway

Also, I am have been having Bane Chronicle withdraws from the lack of stories in January and February. The next and final one will be released on March 18, even though on the Shadowhunter website, it likes to tease you and get your hopes up by saying it came out yesterday.

Cassie, get that shenanigans updated!

Sidenote: Also, I have been listening to Clockwork Princess on audiobook. You guys know how I love a good audiobook (my favorite way is through Audible), but I also love a good narrator. A bad narrator can ruin a good book. This is evidenced by  the two previous Infernal Devices books out on audio, both of which have terrible narrators. Its not that they are bad at what they do, they are just not meant for these books. I love Ed Westwick’s accent just as much as any sane female, but it just doesn’t work for Will.

Clockwork Princess is narrated by Daniel Sharman, and he is absolutely phenomenal. He does every character’s voice differently (something that also was not done in the previous two), and he does them spot on. I mean, I didn’t even read Will’s voice in my head in a Welsh accent, and geeeeezus I don’t know what I was missing. I highly recommend it, even if you have already read the book. Especially if you have already read it actually.

Alrighty, rant over!

See you guys later this week! It feels good to be back 🙂


29 thoughts on “Book Boozer, Where Have You Been?

  1. Congratulations! I am so happy for you guys! 🙂 And how much does moving suck? Seriously, packing and then unpacking and having to find new places for everything. And then when it comes to books I have to put them in the case by series…It is a serious undertaking.

    1984 was awesome, but how much did the ending just suck? Like, I felt it suck hope out of me…

    Ohhh, I didn’t read Will’s accent either, but then again, I may have been too busy wanting to give him a huge bear hug and try to make it all OK…


    • Thank you!!

      Moving SUCKS SO BAD! I am glad the actual moving things from one place to the other is done and over with, since our apartment was on the third floor. My legs were so for forever!

      I actually didn’t like 1984 at all! I shall have a good rant about it. Manly, yes, the ending was awful. I am still trying to figure out if maybe I just didn’t get it?

      Trust me. Once you hear this Welsh accent, you won’t be able to read it any other way. Literally rips your heart out. So so SO FREAKING GOOD!


      • OMG, the third floor? That has got to suck! When I moved out of my flat, I only had the one flight of stairs to go up and down. And I never had to do the heavy lifting. Two crates of books and all 😛

        Oh, really? I loved it! But then the ending was like “no way! Come on, really?”
        I think ending had something to do with the inevitability of capitalism getting everyone in the end. I have to re-read, of course. It’s been years since I read the book, though. There’s a few books I have to re-read. Like 1984, In Cold Blood…and yeah, a few.

        I am looking it up now. Just found The Stone Rose. OMG, I love it. How well does DT do Jackie’s voice?
        I found Neverwhere on Audible as well! The play with McAvoy and Cumberbatch! Yay!
        So, Clockwork Princess 😀


      • Oh yes, that accent is like a seraph blade to the heart. Just the way he talks about Tessa…oh God. OMG when he sees Cecily! How is it even possible to listen to that without tearing up?


      • It really isn’t! I am so buying the Clockwork Princess audio next. I just heard the sample and fell even more in love with the guy’s voice.
        Then I’ll be getting The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner because it’s read by none other than Tom Hiddleston.
        And I will be getting ALL of the David Tennant ones. His voice is like….honeyed velvet wrapped in tartan


      • Yes! I don’t get on tumblr for two days and a whole bunch of shenanigans happens! I maybe fangirled for like ten minutes.

        Okay, maybe like fifteen. I am so ready for City of Heavenly Fire. I am having Shadowhunter withdraws.


      • Me too! We get more Will and Tessa and THEIR KIDS!!!!
        And then the feels with Brother Zacariah!
        Man, I don’t think I can wait three years!!!! Even though, we do have TDA to keep us occupied next year.
        I still can’t believe TMI is ending!!!! Oh the fangirl angst….


      • I will wait as long as I have too to not have to say goodbye to Will after Clockwork Princess!

        TMI ending is going to be the worst, but I have faith that Cassie wont pull a Oliver and give us a terrible ending. People will die though, that is for sure!

        How do you feel about The Last Hours getting a ton of inspiration from Great Expectations? Don’t you hate that book?


      • The best thing about this series is that WILL CAN COME BACK! I hate that he died on paper. Like, we can’t pretend that didn’t happen. He’s gone.
        But now he can come back. With his family! Fantastic! And we get a bigger glimpse into his life with his kids and Tessa and their friendly neighbourhood Silent Brother.

        OMG, it’s going to be horrible. One of the names characters – so either a main or close to main character – is going to die. As horrible as this sounds, I really hope it’s Alec. I just don’t like him. I hate how he treats Magnus.

        Nice memory! Yes, I desperately hate that book. But more for the fact of Pip than anything else. Pip was an ungrateful little so-and-so who turned his nose up at everything his family had done for him. I can see the Pip-and-Estella in “The Midnight Heir” with James and that awful, beautiful woman I’ve blocked the name of. And that woman’s mother sounds awfully like Miss Havisham.

        But I think Cassie will take the best parts of Great Expectations (because it’s Dickens and there are good parts) and add her own awesomeness to it.
        Besides, if James really is supposed to be like Pip, I can’t see a child of Tessa and Will being overly selfish. Self-indulgent, maybe….


      • I heard that EIGHT people we know by name are going to die, and one of them is a ‘boyfriend’. So you might be in luck with the Alec thing!

        I have never read Great Expectations, but I think you are right. Cassie will take the good bits and weave them into TLH like she did with A Tale of Two Cities in TID.

        My heart is just so happy that Will is back. I can’t even explain how excited I am to get to know more about their story between CP2 and the Epilogue. You know it is going to be great, and if The Midnight Heir was any kind of clue as to how it is going to go, I feel my heart strings tugging already!


      • So long as it isn’t Simon or Jace or Luke or Jordan or any of the boyfriends I actually like.
        Oh God…not Magnus!!!! It can’t be Magnus….

        TID made me want to read A Tale of Two Cities. Just because I love Will so much. I’d have to read it, then read TID again. Just to get Will’s review of that Sydney character. Imagine listening to Will talk about books….

        Man, Will and Tessa’s home life has to be incredible. After everything they’ve been through, even being able to watch them do the dishes or something would be like “Yay! Will and Tessa”.
        I’d just love to see them telling their kids about the old days. So many in-jokes and shared secret looks about things that I bet they don’t tell their kids about.
        Plus, how’s Will? As he gets older his wife still looks nineteen? Ultimate playboy because he’s not one.


      • I could survive Jordan dying. Definitely not Jace or Simon though! I think Cassie loves Magnus too much to kill him. If Sebastian doesn’t die though, I will be so pissed!

        Haha man, I love Will and Tessa. I just keep thinking about reading about them as parents, and it makes me so happy.

        And I am sure Will flaunts Tessa all over town every chance he gets, especially when he gets older!

        I actually bought A Tale of Two Cities after reading TID, but it is still sitting on the TBR shelf though.


      • I don’t know if Sebastian will die. I mean, something’ll happen. But maybe Cassie’ll do something else. Exile him and he comes back for TDA? It would be great if he did die (man, that sounds awful!) but Cassie is full of surprises!
        Can you imagine it? Tessa would be doing the disciplining and Will comes along and says something like “What were you thinking? You got caught! Here’s how I would’ve done it….”
        Bahaha, he so would. But in a gentlemanly, arrogant sort of way. Classic Herondale…
        Man, I have another pile of books to read. But I think I will have to get Tale of Two Cities. Just so I can say I’ve read at least one of the books Will has 🙂


      • Sebastian better die! If a villain is drug out for too long, sometimes it become kind of tedious. Unless it is Voldemort. All is forgiven in the world of Jo Rowling 🙂

        Haha Will would be the best parent. So mischievous but so inherently good-hearted. I bet he is a total pushover for Lucie!


      • This is true. Although, to be fair, the third book had no Voldemort in it. And it may have been too long since I’ve read the books (making up for that as soon as I can) but he didn’t make much of an appearance in Half-Blood Prince.
        But, you’re right, JK can do no wrong.
        I just hope it’s not too quick a death for Sebastian. I want him to suffer for what he’s done to Jace and Clary. And everyone else.

        OMG, apparently Will is begging Lucie to get married in TLH. I can see so much of Tessa in Lucie already. I can’t wait.

        Man, I can’t wait! More Will!!!!


      • It’s true, Voldemort wasn’t in Prisoner of Azkaban, and I think that is why it was my favorite. That, and Sirius Black is my favorite HP character.

        I agree, as long and painful as possible for that scum!

        Bahahahaha. Will. It really is impossible not to love him.


      • I think Chamber of Secrets was my favourite. But that might just be because the book was given to me on my sister’s birthday.

        Hmmm….maybe Magnus will get hold of him and put some kind of epic curse on him. That would be amazing.

        And exactly right. Everyone I know who’s read TID has fallen madly in love with him


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