Top Ten Tuesday: REWIND (Well, Kinda)


Hey there Top Ten, it’s been a while!

If you have never come across a Top Ten Tuesday, it is a weekly feature hosted over on The Broke and The Bookish. They post a different top ten topic every week, it’s pretty awesome. All the cool kids are doing it.

This week’s topic is to revisit a topic that has already been done. Luckily for me, I missed last week’s, so I am just going to tackle that one. Here is my Top Ten (well, seven) favorite things about being a book blogger/reader.

1. The Community. I am sure that this made the majority of the lists last week. Having a community to chat fangirl with about books was why I started this blog in the first place. I love sparking conversation with people in the comments that lets you connect with someone across the globe that loves the same things you do. Even if we don’t agree on something, in the end, we all love that same thing. Books.

2. Recommendations. My favorite thing is reading a review and knowing two seconds into it that I am going to purchase this book. Like, probably before I am even done with the review if I can help it. If it wasn’t for other book bloggers, I may not have picked up a Neil Gaiman book yet.


3. Fandoms. Being a book blogger basically throws you into fandoms that you may not have even known existed. You don’t even really have a choice most of the time. They basically take you hostage.

4. Adventure. Books let me do things that I never even thought were possible. (Mainly because most of them are impossible, due to certain creatures not existing, or whole worlds not existing, or time-travel not being invented yet…)

5. Escape. Sometimes life can just be shitty. There really isn’t a better way to put it. Reading gives you somewhere else to go, someone else to be. Even if just for a couple hours. 

6. ARC’s. Who doesn’t love reading a book before it comes out? Thanks Netgalley!

7. Character Love. Sometimes you just can’t connect to people in real life that you can connect with in books. Some of the best friends I had growing up were between the pages of a book. And you never really lose those friends. They are there everyday, waiting.

Most other things that I have thought of fall under one of these 7 categories, so we are just going to leave it there 🙂

What are your favorite things about being a book blogger/reader?


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