Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Wishlist!


Happy Tuesday Top Ten-ish type people! It’s been a minute, but how could I pass up this amazing topic?

If you have never come across a Top Ten Tuesday, it is a weekly feature hosted over on The Broke and The Bookish. They post a different top ten topic every week, it’s pretty awesome. All the cool kids are doing it.

This week is all about your Top Ten Bookish things on your wishlist, that aren’t books. So, since this is a wishlist, I may or may not have listed things that may or may not be impossible to obtain. Don’t crush my dreams!

PS- Just click the images to see where you can order everything!

1. ALL OF THE HARRY POTTER THINGS. Seriously, just go on etsy and search Harry Potter and enjoy wasting an entire day looking at all of the beautiful HP things people have created. I made the mistake the other day of searching for HP baby stuff…

Like, how am I not supposed to buy these?


Or this?


It’s kind of a problem.

2. Any kind of library that requires me to have one of these:


The ladder, not Belle.

3. A bookish tattoo. I already have 4 tattoos, and while they all mean wonderful things, I need a bookish one. It’s a kind of tattoo fever that never dies really. Now I just need to decide on the right thing! Probably a Neil Gaiman quote, let’s be honest. Or a Cassandra Clare one. Or Jo Rowling. Shit.See what I mean? Decisions.

4. This beauty:


5. A plane ticket and entry into BEA every year. Why does nothing fun ever come to Utah? Hmmm?

6. Hermione’s magic bag. No explanation needed.

7. I do understand that this is slightly cheating because it is Doctor Who. But for one, how could I not? And for two, its about books….. so that counts, yeah?


8. A Herondale family ring

HerondaleRing9. Be Brave bracelet. It’s always the simple one liners that get me in the feels. This happens to be my favorite one from Divergent:

BeBrave10. I absolutely love print art. Here are some of my favorite bookish ones:



What bookish things are on your wish list?


25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Wishlist!

  1. I love everything on this list!!!! If I could get another tattoo, I’d definitely get an HP tat. And lemme tell ya, all those millionaires who don’t have a library with a ladder, are clearly not spending their money right!!!


  2. OMG I just bought the “replica” Herondale ring on HebelDesign! $10!!!!! I should have bought the Carstairs one as well…
    Etsy is a dangerous, dangerous place. I try to stay away. There’s sooo many things I want.
    I still want my TID chest piece!!! I just need money!

    Unrelated: do you follow TMI Source? Apparently there are going to be TWO WEDDINGS!!! Luke and Jocelyn and….OMG I’M EXCITED!
    She also said there’d be a cameo from a TID character, but we already know that’s Tessa 🙂


  3. Etsy totally supports my bookish collection problems. But I love it anyway.

    I wonder how many readers don’t want a sliding ladder? …maybe ones who are afraid of heights. You can never have enough bookshelves, after all. And you need a ladder to reach them all.


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