City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare [SPOILERS]



 I can’t even tell you how excited that this book is finally in my hands! And on my kindle…. I may have bought both the ebook and hardcover. Hey, I knew I could get it 2 hours early on my Kindle before I could run to the store to get it. What is a girl to do? I WAITED TWO YEARS DAMNIT, I DESERVE TWO COPIES.

I am going to do this is good old CP2 fashion, and list all of the things that I loved about it. An in depth discussion with Bec will follow soon, of course. However, I am not promising that this will be a short list. It’s 725 pages yo, there is a ton of stuff in there!

1. Brother freaking Zachariah. I rarely find myself literally thirsting for someone to be mention again in a book. It’s like everytime he shows up, Cassie gave us a little yin fen. Just so we would crave to hear his beautiful words again.

2. I know Bec is going to kill me for saying this, but I absolutely loved Alec in this book. He has grown up so much since City of Bones, and geezus is he not the sassiest character in this book? All that time with Magnus definitely rubbed off on him.

3. Speaking of Magnus, I love that warlock. I love that he loves the Shadowhunters. I love that he is so inherently good that he was going to let his father (who is a freaking Prince of Hell) slowly kill him than let any of his friends have to pay any sort of price to save him. He has the biggest heart of any character in this series, and I have so much respect for that. Leave it to the warlock with the inflated ego, carefree personality, and glittered hair to have the most generous soul.

4. So, the six characters we know by name that died. Let’s go ahead and do a roll call on those. Jordan, Meliorn, Raphael, Sebastian, Amatis. I am not sure who the sixth is supposed to be. Praetor Scott? Technically we met him in CoLS yeah? So, really the only person I semi-cared about dying was Jordan. I never really got caught up in Jordan’s storyline with Maia, so it wasn’t a huge deal to me that he died. It made me feel bad for Maia, just like Amatis’ death made me feel bad for Luke. We just didn’t know Amatis well enough to be completely heartbroken about it. Well, I didn’t.

Sebastian can rot in hell, or wherever it is his soul went after it left that world. Which was technically hell, right? Well that’s confusing.

UPDATE: Totally forgot about Maureen. I am sure she is the sixth, not Scott. Either way, not sad her crazy ass is dead.

5. That rune that Clary though of back in CoB that I though was for flying because she described it as wings joined by a bar, and they happened to be stuck on a rooftop with no way out being chased by some vampires? Yeah, that has been bothering the shit out of me for what…. 7 years? Cassie mentioned it literally one time in the first book, and then brings it back six books later to be the weapon that they need for their salvation. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. That woman.

6. Cleophas is Luke and Amatis’s mom. Just let that one sink in.

7. Simon Lewis is my hero. Seriously.

8. Disappointed Jace didn’t just slit the Seelie Queen’s throat. I hate that bitch.

9. Emma Cordelia Carstairs is going to be the biggest badass in TDA. I AM SO EXCITED.

10. The “hundred years ago” thing is mentioned again. Cassie is setting up TLH already and it is making me miss those Herondales that I don’t even know yet. Magnus obviously had a soft spot for Lucie.

11. Simon being drunk on intoxicated blood was the best thing I have ever read.

12. I still dislike both of the Lightwood parents.


That’s all I have for now, quotes will follow shortly! As well as the discussion with Bec. Let’s talk about all of the feels in the comments yo!


5 thoughts on “City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare [SPOILERS]

  1. When I read the Simon-doesn’t-remember-Clary part, my heart hurts… after I finished CoHF, Simon has become one of my favourite character in TMI. The part Simon being drunk on intoxicated blood is so funny! I can’t stop laughing in the school and I was thought that I was crazy… – __-||


      • I have heard that new! I am super excited for the series of Simon’s short stories and I want more Sizzy! ^.^


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