I have tried to not post too much about the current events in this country.

However, I can’t not post about the Women’s March, and the posts that I have seen in regard to it. I have seen more friends that I would like posting about how they think that the Women’s March is pointless. And it just gets me right in the stomach.

Please, please, look around you for a second. Look outside of your own experiences, and into the lives of the people around you. I have been fortunate to have experienced very little prejudice in my life as a woman. I went to school in a place where I was never disregarded or not taken seriously because of my gender. I work for a company that would never pay me less than a man for doing the same job. I have two beautiful children that I was lucky to experience no complications with, and that my health insurance paid the majority of the costs for.

But I am not every woman. Not even close.

I hope that my daughter is fortunate enough to have the same experiences that I have had. I hope that she is never discriminated against or pushed aside. But more than that, I hope she never has to question. I hope she grows up in a world in which she never feels like her rights are up for debate.

Please remember that the rights that we do have today were not always given to us. They were fought for. They were protested for. They were marched for.

Marching is not pointless. Protesting is not pointless. Equality, is not pointless.




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