Amtrak Travel

Friends of the internet, I need your help!

Me and my husband are taking the Amtrak from Salt Lake to Chicago next month, and I have never ridden on a train before. Like, I mean, I have taken short ones when I was a kid but not like a proper train ride.

Train travel just isn’t a common thing here. It’s definitely a novelty. When I told my friends and family about your trip the response, overwhelmingly, “wait, trains are still a thing here?”.

So, the ride is going to be 35 plus hours and I need all of your tips, tricks, and hacks for getting the most out of our ride! Give me all the advice guys.

We are staying in Chicago for a couple days to roadie for a friends Lantern Fest so while we won’t have a ton of time while there to sight see, if there is anything that you consider a must see in Chicago, throw that my way too!

I hope everyone is doing well! I will be back with a review of Case Histories by Kate Atkinson later on in the week.



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