Amtrak Travel

Friends of the internet, I need your help!

Me and my husband are taking the Amtrak from Salt Lake to Chicago next month, and I have never ridden on a train before. Like, I mean, I have taken short ones when I was a kid but not like a proper train ride.

Train travel just isn’t a common thing here. It’s definitely a novelty. When I told my friends and family about your trip the response, overwhelmingly, “wait, trains are still a thing here?”.

So, the ride is going to be 35 plus hours and I need all of your tips, tricks, and hacks for getting the most out of our ride! Give me all the advice guys.

We are staying in Chicago for a couple days to roadie for a friends Lantern Fest so while we won’t have a ton of time while there to sight see, if there is anything that you consider a must see in Chicago, throw that my way too!

I hope everyone is doing well! I will be back with a review of Case Histories by Kate Atkinson later on in the week.




I had another baby!

Just kidding, we got a puppy 🙂


I have never had a dog. Not even as a kid. We always had a cat around, but they basically took care of themselves most of the time. My dad “doesn’t like dogs”, so we never had one. I think we maybe had a couple for a couple days at a time once or twice, but they never worked out. I put that previous statement in air quotes because now that me and my siblings are all adults and living on our own, my parents are empty-nesters. With two dogs.

When we decided to get a dog we knew that we wanted to rescue one. We also knew we wanted a puppy, and not an adult dog. This being because we have small children, and with an older rescue you can never be totally sure what may have happened to them in the past, and run the risk of them being set off by something and either scary or hurting the kids, and we wanted our kids to be able to help raise the puppy as well. Maybe when they are a bit older we will rescue an older dog, but for right now, a puppy it is!

We adopted Lilah through a company here in Utah called the Rescue Rovers. They are a foster company, rather than a shelter, and place rescued or surrendered dogs into foster homes until they are all up to date on their vaccinations, spayed/neutered, and cleared by the vet for adoption. Then they collect applications for the dog. They usually like to have at least three applications in for a dog at a time. Then each family comes to the foster house, meets the dog and interacts with it. Then, once all the applicants meet the dog the foster parent decides which family they think will work best for the dog.

This is what I love about Rescue Rovers. Their number one goal is not just to place dogs into homes, but to place them into homes that they will remain in  for the rest of their lives. When you sign the contract to adopt a dog, you agree that in any event you can no longer care for the dog, you are required to return it to Rescue Rovers to be placed back into a foster family. Their commitment to these animals is amazing, and I am so grateful that they are doing what they can for these pups.

Lilah, our sweet shepherd mix, is about 11 weeks old. She was found with her two sisters in a cardboard box on the side of the highway in New Mexico when they were about six weeks old. New Mexico has few resources for dogs, so the puppies were transported up to Utah and placed into Rescue Rovers. Their sweet foster mom Dana then took them into her house and raised them until they were old enough to go up for adoption. Not only do these foster families take them in for all their shots, appointments, and surgeries, but Lilah was already about 75% potty trained and 100% kennel trained. She sleeps through the night snug in her own bed and doesn’t make a peep. These foster families are not just a stepping stone for these dogs. They aren’t just biding their time there until a family comes to take them home. They are being trained with the skills to give them the highest possible chance to have a successful adoption into a family that can keep them forever.

Bless their hearts for that because I would just keep all of the puppies. I would be that lady.

Click here to visit the Rescue Rovers website if you are interested in adopting, fostering, or donating.

And You Thought I Forgot About You :)

Guys- It’s been about 4 months since my last post. FOUR MONTHS. I would start into an apology for my absence, giving excuses as to why you haven’t heard a peep from me for four freaking months, but ya know what? I’m actually not that sorry. I have spent the last four months snuggling, loving, and getting to know my new little bookworm and I don’t feel bad at all about letting myself get caught up in his wonderment. The good thing about that is, I know that you guys wouldn’t judge me either way. That’s what I love about this blog. It’s kind of like a book in a way, ya know? When I get caught up in the busyness of life and have to put down the book that I have my nose stuck in, to go be an adult and do adult things and pay my adult bills and all that garbage, I know that the book doesn’t hold it against me. Judgement free zone here yo.

And to be fair, I didn’t completely disappear. If you guys follow me on twitter (@thebookboozer) you totally heard from me! About 8217463462375 times a day with pictures of this little nuisance.


I mean COME ONI might be a little bias, but go ahead and try and tell me that’s not the cutest little boy you have ever seen?

If you are taking this post as I have not been reading for the past four months either, you my friend would be sadly mistaken. I have actually been reading quite a bit. I kind of went on one of those I-need-to-read-all-the-things binge and found myself halfway through 5 books simultaneously at one point. Not my best move, but I got through it 🙂

Here is a list of the posts coming your way:

The Martian by Andy Weir

Unbroken by Lauren Hildebrand

The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains by Neil Gaiman

Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson

The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green (reread)

Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan

The Lost Herondale by Cassadra Clare & Robin Wasserman

Nine books in four months? Not too shabby when you throw and 8 month old and a full time job into the mix! Alright, alright, three of those are short stories. YOU CAUGHT ME. I’m still impressed with myself though. No judgement zone, remember?

Stoked to get back to having this as an outlet and catching back up with you all!


Top Ten Tuesday: Secondaries Getting Their Own Books


If you have never come across a Top Ten Tuesday, it is a weekly feature hosted over on The Broke and The Bookish. They post a different top ten topic every week, it’s pretty awesome. All the cool kids are doing it.

I know that this was last week’s topic, but it was too fun for me not to do. I love secondary characters. Sometimes they are the reason I love a book. Sometimes they are the reason I love an author.

1. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. I never related to Harry. He was a 12 year old orphan boy who is treated like crap from his Aunt and Uncle and then finds out he is a wizard and subsequently ends up being The Chosen One. An intriguing lead, don’t get me wrong. But not someone I could relate too. A girl raised by loving parents, who loved to learn and read? There was my escape. I saw Harry through Hermione’s eyes. It would nice to get inside that head for once. Get on it Jo!

2. Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments. Wait, what’s this? I’M SO EXCITED.

3. Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices. Go ahead, argue with me that he was a main not a secondary. In the end I will win because I want what we all want. More Will Herondale.

4. Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter. The thing about the Harry Potter series is it is  seven books from the same point of view. We never get to see inside of anyone else’s head. I would love to know more about Neville’s life. He is one of my favorite characters of all time.

5. All of the Marauders. Collectively or separately I don’t care. Everyone wants this. Everyone.

6. Cinna from The Hunger Games. Another person that I would love some backstory on.

7. Poppet and Widget from The Night Circus. Can you imagine the whimsy?

8. Vida from The Darkest Minds. I am about halfway through In the Afterlight right now and what I wouldn’t give to understand Vida a little bit better. She is so sassy and bitchy and I love it.

9. Haymitch from The Hunger Games. If Haymitch had his own book I probably couldn’t handle it. I still want it though.

10.  Church from The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments, and I am sure a couple more to come. Come on. You know that cat has some stories.

One Lovely Blog Award :)

Well, if this hasn’t taken forever and a day! I was nominated by the amazing Bec @infernalimagintion for the One Lovely Blog Award ages ago and am just now able to knock it out! If you are following my blog and not Bec’s, you are probably new around here. We are basically soulmates when it comes to books. If you are here, you should be there too. Miss you Bec! I promise I will be more present in the blogging world. Maybe. Probably. We will see what Nox allows 🙂
Onto the award! Here, my friends, are the rules:
  1. You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  2. You must list the rules and display the award.
  3. You must add 7 facts about yourself.
  4. You must nominate 5-15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
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Seven Facts

1. Well, I am pretty short. 5’3″ short.

2. I’ve had cats my whole life, but don’t really actually like them that much. Even in my adult life I have had them, no one is forcing me. Its kind of a weird problem to have.

3. I’ve never had a dog.

4. I am secretly listening to Christmas music in my room right now. I am home sick and it is cheerful. Hey- if there was Thanksgiving music I would totally listen to it. But there isn’t, so I can’t!

5. Fall is my favorite season. I think it’s because here in Utah it is so short that you don’t have time to get sick of it.

6. My high school didn’t have a football team.

7. I refuse to get rid of my MacBook that I have had since 2008. The operating system is so old that it won’t even let me update my browsers anymore. I love this thing. Who needs updated browsers anyhow?

And the Nominees Are… 

The Collective 

 Kate @ didthatjusthappenblog

Amy @ odetokatnissandjo

The Paperbook Blog

Lipsyy Lost & Found

Now to go catch up on everyone’s posts from the last month…


Baby Boozer is Here!

Sorry for being MIA as of late, but I have been busy taking care of this cutie!


He finally arrived on July 29th, at about 5 in the afternoon. It was a bit of an adventure getting him here, and took much longer than expected. We ended up delivering by c-section, so I have been on the mend while this little one has had to heal from some trauma he sustained during delivery as well. Maybe one day I will tell the whole story, but as for right now I am just thankful that he is here, healed, and totally healthy now!

We named him Nox Asher and love him more than we ever thought was possible already 🙂

As for reading, I haven’t had much time for it. Although I have been sneaking in some American Gods at 3 in the morning while Nox is wide awake. It just might take a while 🙂 Hopefully I will be back to blogging on the regular with at least Top Tens and Quoting the Quills. I also was toying with the idea of doing another Frightening Fall this year, so if you have any suggestions as to what I should put on the list I would love to hear them!

I hope you are all doing fantastic, and I swear I will eventually reply to all of your comments 🙂




The Book Blogging Test

I was tagged by the wonderful Bec over at Infernal Imagination to do this Book Blogging Test. If you aren’t already familiar with Bec, then you must be new here! Welcome! We have bonded over our mutual love for everthing Doctor Who, Cassandra Clare, or Neil Gaimain and tend to both gush it out on our blogs. Or each other’s blogs. Whichever one is more convenient and appropriate at the time. If you like my blog, you will definitely enjoy hers. Go check it out yo!

What are your top three book pet hates?

1. I really really dislike when I see people throwing books away. I realize this is more of a people hate than a book hate, but I think it still counts. I remember when my High School would go through they books every year or two and de-self those that had not been checked out in more than 5 years. This was to make room for new books, as it was a small library in a small school. I get it. They would then make a table full of all of the books that they were going to get rid of, and students were free to go through them and take whatever struck their fancy home with them. Pretty cool right? I though so! Half of my bookshelf looks like it is full of stolen library books because of this. The thing that was horrible about the whole thing was that the books that did not get saved were then trashed. How horrible is that? Once I found out what was happening, I tended to take home 10 more books that I even needed or wanted, just to save them. I felt like I had to do something. Sure, they are now just sitting on my shelf and haven’t been opened still, but at least they aren’t in a landfill or something right? Maybe one day they will be the book that I need at that point in my life, and I will be grateful that I rescued them. At least that is what I tell myself every time we move house and I have to box them up and carry them. Books are heavy dude.

2. Books that horrible romance-y covers, but turn out to be phenomenal stories, with little to do with romance. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I know. I get it. But c’mon, who actually doesn’t judge a book by it’s cover? Plenty of times I have picked up a book that seemed mediocre from the blurb, but the cover was stunning. Most of the time those books end up being wonderful. If someone puts that much effort into creating a cover that is so beautiful, the same amount of effort was probably put into the story, and vice versa. If I am walking down an aisle of books and there is section full of half naked men on the covers, I am probably walking right on by them. Some of those books could be wonderful! I am sure someone sitting behind a desk somewhere was thinking, “yeah, women love half naked men. Let’s throw one on the cover and then they will definitely buy it!” Well guess what? I’m not that woman! So stop!

3. Book to movie adaptations gone wrong. Which is most of them.

Describe your perfect reading spot.

I know it sounds weird, but I love reading in the car. When I’m not driving, obviously. I love to travel, and with living in a semi-desolate state with family spread out all over we tend to be in the car a lot. I don’t get carsick reading in the car or on planes or any of that, but I do have a really hard time falling asleep in the car or on a plane. My husband can basically sleep anywhere, it is kind of ridiculous. So when I bring a good book with me, I can get lost in it and a 3 hour drive passes like nothing and I never have time to complain about being bored or uncomfortable.

Tell us three book confessions.

I kind of covered this in a Top Ten a few weeks back. It was more of a blogging confessions, but since I primarily blog about books it was pretty book oriented.

1. I dog ear pages. Like all the time.

2. I’m not crazy organized with my books. I was looking at my bookshelf yesterday and realized that I had PJO books on like 3 different shelves. I guess it’s just not a priority for me.

3. I prefer used books over new ones. They are just more comfy, ya know?

When was the last time you cried during a book?

CoHF. So like, 3 weeks ago? I just love my TID characters, okay?

How many books are on your bedside table?

Just one currently. American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

What is your favourite snack whilst your reading?

I am kind of messy, so I try to avoid reading and eating at the same time. Drinking while eating though, that is a different story. Chai tea, or regular tea, is usually my go-to.

Name three books you would recommend to everyone.

Well, just pretend like you didn’t already know these, okay?

1. The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare.

2. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

3. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

Show us a picture of your favourite bookshelf on your bookcase.

It’s obviously my Cassie Clare shelf. They are just so purrrty. I will add a picture if I get a chance before this gets posted. But ya know, I might just decide to have a baby before then 🙂 Seriously, come on out bro. WHENEVER YOU FEEL LIKE IT. Or now. Now would be great.

Write how much books mean to you in just three words.

Adventure. Escape. Inspire.

What is your biggest reading secret?

My brain gets really excited and it wants to read ahead, like a lot. Sometimes when I turn a page I have to literally cover the right hand page with my hand so that my eyes can’t read ahead. I have no control sometimes lol. I always regret it.

I am Tagging…

1. booknerdie

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Feel free to copy and paste this tag even if you weren’t tagged. Tag me in the post so I can go read it! I love book tags!