The Book Boozer Travels: Costa Rica

In a little less than a month we will be on our way to Costa Rica! I will have so much to tell and hopefully some gorgeous pictures to share when we get back, and I will keep you guys updated on what books I read while we are traveling. Our first and last days are full travel days. I am an incessantly light packer, so I will mainly be listening to audiobooks since they are convenient and drain less of my battery than the kindle app. I have a couple books on deck, but would love any suggestions you have. Anything will a good narrator I am up for! The narrator can make or break an audiobook for me. That’s kind of the inherent danger of an audiobook, isn’t it? The way someone reads a book that you may otherwise like if you had read yourself, can totally ruin it for you.

Pro tip: ALWAYS listen to the sample provided before you buy an audiobook! It has saved many a book from my dislike pile.

Anyone out there been to Costa Rica, or live there? We have our itinerary pretty set but I am always up for an adventure. So if there some insider scoop or a must-do, let me know!

We are also using Airbnb for the first time, and I will have a full experience post about it when we get back as well.

I plan to post on my @thebookboozer Instagram page while I am there as well, to kind of get that back up and running. If you want to follow along you can always follow me there, or on my personal account @c_kartchner. Just drop me a DM saying youre from the blog or I might think you are a creeper and block you!



Back in the Swing

I’ve started this blog three different times today, and I still have no direction. What I do have is spit up on my sweatpants, a slobbery baby on my lap, and one clean hand to type with while simultaneously using it to drink my luke-warm cup of coffee.

All of that makes it sound like I’m in a bad mood, doesn’t it? Well, my friends, that is misleading. It is snowing, Caroline is full of baby giggles, and I’m semi-watching Once Upon a Time which means I am understanding nothing, but catching up none the less.

When I started this blog my setup looked much differently. I would sit down with my coffee and breakfast, in a quiet house, at the table. I can’t even remember the last time I did anything at the table that wasn’t actually doing something for someone else. Less in the creating a service project kind of way and more in the feeding a baby and/or keeping markers from flying down into the livingroom kind of way.

Now, I have to make myself a mental note that I should blog today. It’s right next to my mental note that there is no more toilet paper in the upstairs bathroom. Which is less of a reminder and more of an aw shit I need to put toilet paper in there every time I walk by it. But it will get done eventually. After all of the more important things.

Just like this blog.

The important things just look a little different now too. They aren’t papers or reading or tests. They are cuddles and laughs and laundry.

My point is that life looks different now, and this blog will too. Bear with me while I find my voice again.

For now, just enjoy this picture and try to look at life the way that Caroline looks at a hamburger. I know I will.